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Benefits Of Prayers For Humanity

By Marissa Velazquez
It is the duty of every human being to revere his or creator. Apart from reading the word of God, praising, and worshiping the lord, it is important for Christians to pray without ceasing. Prayers, help strength your faith in God. This is because; it is through prayer that you exercise your faith. You know there is a father in heaven who you can talk to, to ensure that your needs are met. Again, prayers for humanity help us remember other people who are going through different challenges in their lives.

Sometimes, you may have some issues laying heavily in you. Instead of keeping such things to you, consider telling a friend who sticks closer than a brother. The benefit of pouring your heart to God, rather than tell another person, is that God will receive you with love. You may tell a friend sensitive things about you, but end up disappointing you by making your secrets known to other people.

If you keep telling, people your problems, chances they will get bored. You may even find such people avoid your company. This is because; you are forgetting that they also have problems disturbing them. However, with God, you can spend the whole in his presence, making your problems known to him. God will never get tired of listening to his people. His ears are open to their petitions.

Some people carry very difficult burdens in their heart. This mostly happens when they do not have people that can share their burdens. For instance, when you lose the person you over most, or you have undergone heartbreak; you will need a shoulder to cry to. Do not let the things of this world make you lose your focus in God. Make your worries known to the lord.

Christians are filled with guilt whenever they sin. Sometimes, Christian commits sins that seem unforgivable in the eyes of human being. However, God is loving and ready to receive any person who has sinned against God. Even though your sins are as red as a scarlet, God will make them as white as snow. You simply need to pray for forgiveness.

Gods house is not empty. Actually, there are different things that he has kept for his children. As a result, you should not be worried buy lack of food, clothes, and even sickness. This is because; the heavenly father can provide all these things to you. You will simply need to pray and belie in him.

Just like the disciples of Jesus, it is normal for Christians to lack the power they require to pray. However, you should not relent in praying. Joining other brothers and sisters in Christ can make it easy for you to overcome. The word of God will also offer you the strength that you need.

You cannot claim to be a firm Christian yet you do not pray. This is because; without prayers, the devil will make it difficult for you to avoid temptations. However, being keen on prayers for humanity will make you strong. You will also be able to pray for other people who are not able to pray for themselves.

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