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Benefits Of Faith Worship In Society

By Frances Keith
Faith worship has been greatly embraced in the societies especially those who are living together or in a community that wants to bond in a strong way. They participate in the activities that are aimed at uplifting the individuals in a positive way. The idea developed long ago where individuals believed in a being that had power to control all earthly creatures.

This practice has continued up to now and several denominations have been formed that target to reach out to individuals who are in any part of the world. There are challenges that are encountered during the mission especially if the society does not believe in those practices. Some are even arrested or brutally beaten up if they are found preaching those teachings.

Number of individuals in the region determines the type and size of the structure to be constructed. With high population they build large institutions that can accommodate them. They contribute money towards the construction projects and some even receive funds from other organizations hence enabling the management to run various activities.

The union has an account that they save some money to help in delivering the message. They also build structures that will assist in various functions during the mission. They set up institutions lie schools, hospitals, and even a home for the disabled and abandoned children. They manage them and ensure that they are in perfect condition.

Believers also engage in events in the society for instance creating awareness programs in those areas and educating people. They can teach the youth on the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and sex. This is aimed at having a morally upright society that is independent and sets an example to the young ones.

Such cases when discovered lead to the individuals loosing their jobs and some is ex-communicated from those denominations. They are said to bring shame in their faith and practice hence arrested by the government authority and face judgment. Even if their sentence is over they can not go back to the organization because they are trustworthy anymore.

The benefits that one gets from the process are many and for one to acquire certain positions for instance in the government, it is an advantage if they are being associated with them. They build confidence in the people and also the employers. This is normally is regarded as an attribute towards the better performance of the individual without corruption and fraud.

Faith worship is the practice where individuals gather in a certain building and conduct certain activities that help in preaching the right moral values. They have scriptures that they read to help them in understanding their creature and their responsibilities in the society. They conduct processes such as weddings and parties that are a blessing to them and also support each other in times of sickness or disasters which could arise among them.

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