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Basic Principles Regulating Genuine Baptist Churches In Chesapeake VA

By Catalina Nielsen
Baptist churches in Chesapeake VA and most of these type of churches in the rest of this world have highly grown in their numbers. Out of the first Baptist churches, there are almost a hundred others that have come up today under this same umbrella. With these different groups claiming to be part of the Baptist group, there has arose conflicting ideas in the practices and beliefs in many issues. Here we examine the acceptable believes according to true Baptist teachings.

First is that these churches only regard the New Testament part of the bible to be their authority in all matters that concern their faith. They argue that the idea of church only came to being after the day of Pentecost when Jesus had gone back to heaven.

They also believe that Christ is the head of these churches and that the church in general is a bride to Christ. They also believe that the word of God is complete and there is no other new revelation being given today. Nothing new should be added in the bible.

These churches also believe in salvation of their members. All members must be born again in the spiritual level through believing in the death and resurrection of Christ. They must in addition to getting saved be baptized in a pools of much waters as a way of following what Jesus did. Salvation should be an act of mouth confession in a public place. Young children are considered to be under the grace and can only get saved once they are able to understand.

It is also the belief of these churches that there should be a distinction between the government and church. Worldly leadership systems are considered to have little power before God. So the churches are expected to be dependent only to God for help. They must not be subject to manipulation by the state. Participation in political activities and prayer to the state is however encouraged for the sake of peace.

The Baptist church also believes that every saved Christian is a priest by himself. This means that there is no need to have any mediator for one to ask for forgiveness or even in praying for different issues. The basis of this being that the barrier that prevented people from accessing their God as symbolized by the temple curtain was broken through the death of Jesus. So everybody is justified to talk to God in prayer directly.

Baptists believe that all local churches must be independent. A church must be under the guidance of the word of God through one leader. There should not be any senior hierarchies that directly regulate the affairs of any unit. Every unit must only focus on Christ as the final answer to their troubles.

It is also important to note that baptist churches in Chesapeake VA and the other sub groups must believe in the bible. They believe in both the old and the New Testament to be inspired by God. The old testament is a reflection of how God dealt with his people before Jesus had brought grace. After the grace came, forgiveness of sin is through simply believing in Jesus as opposed to offering sacrifices

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