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Attainment Of Self Realization Actualization State

By Neva Grant
Before an individual starts soul searching mission, it is better for him or her to attain a state of self realization actualization. This is a situation which entails two things; getting to know your true identity and setting up ways of implementing that status. It can be a short term activity for some people whereas others it goes on for life time event. This depends fully on the personality of this person.

In life today, the vital thing is finding out what to do and doing that particular thing. Some people may have this idea but the passion and urge to implement it lacks. At this point, the internal drive has to be in possessed by this individual. This calls for adequate planning and working out the two together. It becomes useless where the drive to perform the task is missing.

At this point in time, meditation on the subject matter is helpful. It helps to note the difference since a number of individuals find themselves having already achieved this state without the slightest knowledge. Such people end up performing activities and duties with less enjoyment and full sadness. This is characterized in those people who are working in offices, studying or still in school learning. That is why contemplation has to be done to clear the air at that particular time.

In this entire plan, the process commences with determination of both the strong and weak points in life. These two determine the extent one can go and the hindrances towards this journey. The strengths are there to be maximized on whereas the weak points should be avoided and minimized fully since they act as derailing factors. This makes it necessary for the individual to be aware of them in order to know what to do concerning the two components.

Others give up quite easily since what they expected does not come overnight. This is a bad attitude towards this journey of self discovery. Not all things happen overnight as expected. Some take a very long period of time, even years for instance. Here, this individual needs to keep on waiting. In case it becomes extreme, taking a vacation to clear up the mind is the recommended remedy.

With a clear mind, the person can commence setting up of goals and targets that are easily achievable as a beginning step. There are no fantasies at such a stage. Everything concerning thinking about is no longer available. Here, the focus is fully towards working on a design to success and attainment of true individuality. What this person has to remember is to avoid fantasizing; this is the key to success.

Even with the above mentioned condition, some still can not get over the fantasizing aspect. Not being able to get over this could be the biggest down fall of whatever has been worked hard upon. To ease this trouble, carrying out research and studies on accomplishment of all the set goals assist greatly.

With all these in place, self realization actualization becomes a reality for all. Since it is a process, it is here where the journey begins. The important thing is to note the painful moments and work on the toughness aspect throughout the lifetime.

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