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Astrological Consultation And What It Is Comprised Of

By Lela Perkins
A belief in astrology is not something that everybody has. Those that do believe in it, however, believe in it fiercely. It consists of a several belief systems about the relationship between earthly events and the astronomical phenomena. Examples of these in the west come in the form of horoscopes. Many seek astrological consultation as it pertains to the proper application of these beliefs.

It should be noted that there are a lot of applications for this. Every single one requires a certain amount of study and observation for the purpose of determining the appropriate aspect to utilize as it concerns an individual and his or her specific needs. This may be the first step in trying to set up a proper consultation.

There are a lot of different types of consultations concerning astrology that many people offer. Astrologers may offer different services and will price them according to what they think is appropriate. It is advisable to look up a particular astrologer and see if the price range is reasonable before committing to anything.

One such area that needs consulting refer to the analysis of relationships. Because of the immense importance relationships hold to each and every single human life, there is an understandable amount of anxiety and stress involved. Taking a closer look with an astrological point of view can be an interesting route to take.

It normally takes the natal astrology concept and apply it to the various interpersonal relationships one can possibly have. This can be done by comparing birth charts of two different people. Normally, this is done to determine compatible areas as well as incompatibilities. Some even believe that important future events pertaining to the relationship will be revealed through these methods.

As far as natal astrology is concerned, it is the study of the exact planetary positions during the moment of birth of an individual in order to determine any useful information. In this way, the nature of that individual as well as his or her life course is revealed. Genethliacal astrology is another name for it and it is used from China to India and even the West.

Other methods concern birth time rectification, which are used to determine the exact time of birth of someone. This needs to be done when the exact birth time is otherwise unknown to the participant. Note that a birth chart is impossible to calculate without having the information of the exact time the participant was born.

Electional astrology is one of the more proactive methods wherein certain auspicious moments are determined. This is a way of finding out when to start a new endeavor, thus making sure that the person takes a very active role in shaping his or her destiny. Known applications include business trips, vacations and marriages.

And to think this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to astrological consultation that what has been stated. To many, it is all just hocus pocus and does not require any further investigation than that, but it can be quite intricate, making it a very interesting topic for those who happen to be believers.

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