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Analyzes On Events Of Biblical Honor Killing

By Wanda Vaughn
Many Christians often fond accuse their Muslims brothers of committing many respect killings in name of the Islam religion. At the same time, they employ this very same line of argument as the concrete reason of discrediting Islam within their eyes. They should however be sufficiently informed that biblical honor killing also occurred through their fore fathers as illustrated by the scripture.

First, Leviticus shows that if daughters of Fathers profanities themselves by joking whore, then the profanity should occur to the father . This is to take place by being burnt with nothing other than fire. Consequently, if priest daughter commits bad sexual action, they are burned due to father reputation. Reason behind this is that, it is performing against disobedience of the father.

It is startling on what christens will use to explain this mysterious kind of action now? . Of course it illustrate obedience well and how it consequences to death in the believers lives. Actually, the command is but offered by scripture as primary information.

As if that is not enough, Exodus chapter r twenty one indicates whoever curses parents shall be given a wonderful reward of death. Common words are illustrated in book of Leviticus verses nine in chapter twenty one. Individuals that curse their guardians are actually warned on how their blood shall get upon them.

In these situations, children are actually subjected to death for reasons of disobedience. Sincerely speaking, are these not practical examples of biblical honor killing? . These are circumstances where children are punished. The end result is losing life for disobedience.

In fact, people will never understand why someone like Jephthah sacrificed one of the daughters as burnt offering. The book of Judges States very clearly how spirit of the Jesus came upon. After crossing Gilead and also Manasseh as well as after passing through Mizpah, this man made a covenant to Lord.

That was upon returned to home in Mizpah. Someone had to get out meeting the king after the hard fight and that was nobody other than the daughter. Dancing to very attractively up to sound of played tambourines as the only child. The child had to be killed because of the covenant made with the lord.

Moreover, this was after duration of two months as indicated by request so as to allow time for crying with friends and well wishers. From this occurrence, custom of the Israelite developed. It is celebrated by young females at least once in a year for estimated four days. That is whereby the event is commemorated by reminding them of old times.

To finalize with, learners have had these few examples biblical honor killing. Reason being, Christians should stop their issues on obedience killings done by Muslims. Islam is actually not wrong since commiserates of this action show obedience to Allah. Otherwise the word of God could also be wrong as illustrated in deaths above which quotes the scripture wrong. Either pathway, believers may find themselves in difficult dilemma as their population is lowering as that of Muslim continue to increase steadily.

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