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Analysis Of Missionary Training Courses

By Lucille Lamb
Before majority of people in the twenty first century were born, the word of God existed in its powerful state. Its spread is based on a calling from above. This calling occurs to anyone irrespective of their age. As a way of nurturing this, there has been emergence of missionary training which entails the vital basics to ensure the growth of those involved is done progressively; with no single form of hindrances. It is a whole range study of the bible.

The structure of this program is easy to follow. There are different organizations within the ministry which are offering such around the world. With the enhancement of technology, such studies have been simplified to a great extend. The entire learning process can be conducted online within a specified duration of time. The learning consists of tutors teaching the syllabus through web cameras and mails.

With supplication of syllabus for self study being done on time, there is room for conducting tests at each learning program to test their ability of understanding the given course. A pass guarantees continuation to the next level whereas a fail is a ticket to re-sit that particular section until he or she passes.

Entirely, this course is about studying the bible and carrying out evangelism and teachings to those in need spiritual nourishment. The word of God in each of the sixty six books of the bible is studied extensively; word by word. Viable reference is made to the modern world with several virtues being noted on existing things such as marriage and families to be precise.

Under this program, there is division of each section basically on marital status and age. There are mission trainings for families, singles and youth and students. Youths and students undertake theirs during normal holidays after school. Those with this calling of serving God are welcomed in this program regardless of their age. No such restrictions are evident. This is a one time course that will define their growth and expansion as they mature.

The schedule for married couple is about appreciating and loving each other as one just as Christ loved the church during the early days. This category targets those who are bound by heavenly vows. Each one of them learns to cherish their partners within the ministry and appreciate the role they play as far as families and their values are concerned.

For the singles, it is a good preparation for them on how to serve Christ while they are not committed to partners. This is all about pleasing God as a person in both body and spirit. The entire program will equip them with necessary knowledge on learning the biblical and practical benefits and challenges of single ministry.

In the end, all those involved in missionary training will be qualified to minister to anyone of the love of Christ to the people of this world. They fully have what it takes to proceed in this area of operation and deal with all the challenges that they may face. This is a clear road map in serving God in spirit and faith.

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