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An In-Depth Analysis Of The Biblical Honor Killing

By Stacey Massey
The critics of the Christianity religion have strongly propagated that there is explicit biblical honor killing that is visibly clear and is highlighted in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy. The text in the book exposes the law that asserts that if parents happen to have a rebellious child and try to correct his doing to no avail, and then it is futile to keep on trying. The rebellious boy is dragged to the ancient authorities and the case is laid bare before him.

If it is found that the boy had not shown a repentant and humble attitude towards his parents during the time of the correction, then he is subjected to public execution. This sought of public execution of a defiler of the law of God would take place in form of throwing stones at the transgressor of the law. This was done in the name of purging out of all evil from the whole of Israel.

They have been pointed out as the victims of this homage murders because of their vulnerability and alleged scorn to laws on marriage, love and sex.Men who have proclaimed that they are homosexual are also said to be one of the other targets. Actually, the discerned criminal conduct could be because of one type of misconduct or the other.

According to the Christians of today, they strongly argue that nowadays, there is no place for homage killings in their religion. According to them they strongly assert and propagate this strong argument that their last sacrifice and person who was to suffer scorn and shame on their behalf was the son of God ; Jesus Christ. They strongly argue that Jesus Christ was their proper and last sacrifice for their full atonement of their sins.

The reasons here were given because the son was purported to be rebellious therefore deserving of death. If one also takes a closer analysis of this, there was no utteration of a child following any form of religious stunts such as just being confined around the home zone, or about the way to dress. In addition, there is no question of being restricted to their movements.

They are usually executions that are carried out overtly against people or a person who has done an injustice or wronged the law. The community at large zealously participates in the act of stoning the purported criminal to his death. Public annihilations of human beings are still carried out to this present day.

According to the expositions of that particular dispensation, it was abhorrent to find a young man who was purported to be a drunkard. Exposing himself as a drunkard actually depicted that he had totally lost self-control of himself which is of grievous dishonor to the parents that bore him. This also happens to bring out the fact that he is totally incapacitated to carry out any sought of work that should bring to the livelihood contribution of the family.

The question that is to be asked is whether the Christians have learnt to move with the times or they have decided to look to Jesus as the one perfect sacrifice. According to Christian fundamentalists, Christ himself saved the woman prostitute who was about to be stoned to death by the Pharisees. Therefore biblical honor killing ended with Jesus being the perfect sacrifice.

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