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An Example Of Faith The History Of Joshua

By Estela Bolton
The times in which Joshua lived were like no other. He served as an aide to a man who changed the spiritual history of the world, in a time few can imagine. The history of Joshua includes serving the people by leading them into foreign lands, such as Jericho, and Canaan.

Moses had led the people out of captivity and through the desert for forty years. It was Joshua who served faithfully as his aide, even accompanying Moses part of the way up the Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments. It was Moses who led the people out of captivity, but it was his aide who led them to freedom.

Names were also extremely important in previous cultures. Originally born Hosea, he was renamed by Moses, Joshua, which translated means Yehousha, or “Yehweh is salvation.” It was through Moses that Mosaic Law was established, but through this Yehweh the promise of God became fact. This name would be seen again thousands of years later in the man Jesus, who would also lead the people into God’s rest.

This man is regarded as wise, faithful, humble and deserving. He had been born a slave in Egypt, had been among the people who crossed the Red Sea in a miraculous moment of faith and courage. Again, many years later he stood at the banks of the Jordan, and trusted God to lead the people across safely. He led the people from slavery to deliverance.

Promise and faith signify the life of this man. His was a testimony to the people who were receiving God’s promises under great odds. Jericho’s high walls and strong people were intimidating.

The people failed to understand how they were going to accomplish the tasks at hand. Jericho seemed impossible, but they decided to trust their leader, and do as he requested. In it they understood nothing is impossible. In the historical life and leadership of this man the walls of Jericho fell, and the people gained entry to the city.

This church father also taught the people holiness through his own life. His requests to God are one of the only times when God seems to answer a human with honor and directly follows what he has asked for. The moon and sun stood still because this faithful man asked for it. It is considered an important symbol of great faith when the creator listens to the voice of man.

He reaffirmed the law of Moses after taking the land of Canaan and reading God’s law to the people. He established centers of worship for the people and copied God’s law. He served as a priest, commander and leader.

He lived until he was 110, and was buried at Tamnath Serah, in Ephraim, near mount Gaash. Throughout the history of Joshua he encouraged the people to live dedicated to faithfulness and obedience. The book in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles is attributed to Joshua as the author.

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