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An Evaluation Of The Sunday Morning Church Service

By Marissa Velazquez
Most churches conduct their services on Sundays. The mode of conducting them differs depending on believers and their denominations. There are a number of formalities of going about the services. The formalities can be changed to suit the occasions. The Sunday morning church service is commonly conducted by a priest or the local pastor in charge of church in question.

Churches have special programs that have to be followed. The programs define what is to be in a specific period. These programs differ depending on the denomination. While most have their services on Sundays, the worshiping on Sabbath may have taken root in different parts of the globe. Worshiping on the Sabbath day is one of practices in which the believers worship their gods on the Sabbath day. Their faith and the way of doing things do not differ greatly with other religions.

The prayer sessions follow the calendar of events. The calendar is prepared a number of teams which are elected by the congregation. During the election, the church determines who will be entrusted with different duties. The elected team then recruits a preacher. A preacher has to be a devoted man of God who will lead others in the congregation during various prayers sessions.

Most of Christians gather in their worship centers on Sunday. The worshiping sessions are led by the special worship team. After a number of worships, the priest or the pastor takes over for sermon. In most cases, the sermons are short preaching sessions. In most cases, they dwell on biblical teachings. In some cases, they may lay emphasis on the modern issues affecting the believers. A prayer session then concludes the sermon. This is also led by the preacher.

Most of the worship and prayer sessions are guided by the Bible. The Bible is the main book of worship among the believers. They base their faith based on the holy book. They derive teachings from the different teachings in this book. The Bible has a number of sub-sections which aims are giving a number of teachings to the believers. They can relate with most of these teachings. It is seen by the believers as a reflection of the society we live in.

The early preachers found in the Old Testament paved way for the new creed of apostles found in the New Testament. As opposed to the early Christians whose main work was to save the older generations form wrath of God, the newer apostles had a mission to spread the gospel. This was the main in the way of converting the non-believers into Christians. The apostles also worked miracles in the event that the non-believers were not contented. The healing of the crippled laid foundation for the modern Christianity.

Most of believers gather on certain occasions. The prayer sessions are one of the times of gathering. During such occasions each of the members in the congregation is given a special time slice to share their life experiences. The prayer sessions are very special for a group of believers. Praying together is seen as way of strengthening the power of beliefs.

The Sunday morning church service also acts as way of sharing their life experiences. Some churches invite each and everyone to share their life experiences with other believers. Through these sessions, they draw strength and courage from tribulations and harsh experiences of others. Sharing culminates in a joint prayer begging for holy protection.

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