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An Encounter With God Is Good For The Soul

By Wanda Vaughn
There are many people who wish that they could have an encounter with God. Men and women everywhere would love to meet their creator while living on this very confusing planet. If they are lucky enough he will show himself in a very unique way that will have a major impact on their lives. There are also many lessons to be learned from his intervention.

California is one state which is known for their very deserted roads. A woman who lived in this state had the misfortune of traveling one of these roads on a dark summer night. Her car was struck by a man who was driving a very large tractor trailer truck. The crushed car was very horrible to look at and it seemed that no one could survive the crash. The man went over to the crushed car to help the woman out.

He was happy to find her sitting on the front seat without any noticeable damage to her body. The man managed to open up the door and helped the girl out. He then telephoned law officers who arrived at a very speedy pace bringing along the local ambulance service. The police begin to take photographs of these vehicles for their report and insurance purposes. Many agencies will only pay for damages when they receive the pictures.

The young lady was taken to the hospital and checked out the same night since she had no internal injuries. Some weeks had passed and she had not thought about the accident until her insurance company had contacted her. They wanted to speak to her about one of the photos that was taken on the scene.

The necessary appointment was scheduled for her visit and when that time arrived she was on time. Once seated the staff member gave her some images to look at. One by one she stared very deeply at the pictures from the bizarre night. She stated that all of the photos looked very plain to her until she came upon one particular image.

When she looked at the seventh image she noticed that there was something very strange about it. There was a male standing by her damaged vehicle. She imagined him to be one of the rescue workers but quickly put this thought out of her mind. He was also not the man who was driving the tractor trailer truck.

He wore very old fashioned clothing which went out of style decades ago. His face was very friendly and he had a sense of “calm” about him. Her adjuster wondered if this had been a passenger in her car or someone riding in the truck. He asked her if this man could have been in the trailer of the truck or even on the back seat of the cab.

She indeed had an encounter with God that would stay with her forever. She was able to convince the agent that no one else was in the vehicle with her or the other driver. Finally he agreed and the matter was fully settled as she was handed a check. The woman knew that the man in the photo was a spirit sent from a greater power.

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