An Easy Guide On How To Tie An Afghan Turban

By Dorothy Hurley
Any traveler who has had the opportunity to visit Afghanistan can tell you that there is a large array of styles and colors of the distinctive Afghan turban. Even if it is true that some of the men have now taken to wearing westernized clothing, the turbans are still pretty ubiquitous in both villages and towns of Afghanistan. Some men never leave home without the unique headgear but some will only don it on formal occasions.

There are many reasons why people are interested in how to warp these turbans. Some are planning to visit Afghanistan and they would like to blend in while others are merely interested in learning the culture. While there are distinct differences amongst the different ethnic groups such as the Pashtuns wear their turbans without a cap while the Uzbeks invariably put a cap on first.

Ensure you have a fitting cotton cap to hold the hair in place and also a length of material about five yards long and one yard in width. The cap should be a good fit to give a proper basis for tying the turban and should preferably one without a brim or ornamentation. The cap will ensure that your hair does not get entangled with the scarf and that it is a snug fit when tied.

You should now put on your cap and fit it well enough so that there are no stray hairs left to impede the way you are tying the material. Look for a flat surface such as a table or bed and lay the material lengthwise. Fold the material about four or five times along the width so as to reduce the original one yard width to about four inches.

Take the folded scarf and along the edge, folding up a section about one inch in length. Use your hand to press and flatten this section so that you have a very neatly done edge. Stand before a mirror and with the edge held at your neck, use the other hand to take the rest of the material and fold it right over your head to the right . Fold it again at ear level and wrap it around your forehead to the right.

Now wrap the material up across the back of your neck and bring the material forward until it crosses your forehead. At this point the wrapping will form an X shape on the forehead . Continue wrapping the material across the back of your head in the same right to left direction, placing each subsequent layer a bit lower than the last. This will ensure the scarf forms the layered effect that is distinctively Afghan.

Do the last layer in such a way that the last edge of the scarf is adequate to tuck in at the top of your head. At this stage, the cap you wore underneath should still show at the top of your head. Next, unwrap the first layer carefully so that the other layers are not undone. The section of the cloth hanging at the nape of your neck will get pulled up and out of the layers.

Now take the edge of the scarf that has come loose and unfold it at the edge to expand the material as a single layer. Carefully tuck the edges of the material in order to conceal the part of the cap still showing on the crown of your head. Survey what you have achieved to wrap as an Afghan turban on the mirror.

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