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All About Joshua The Odyssey

By Mona Moody
Joshua The Odyssey of an Ordinary Man is a historical novel that brings to the spotlight of modern man the life and teachings of Joshua, the adolescent boy of 1st century Nazareth who Christians call Jesus. These years are not discussed in the Scriptures. The last canonical mention of Jesus is at about 12 years of age instructing the learned rabbis in the Temple at Jerusalem.

Because the book is fiction, the author has been free to use his imagination to create conversations and characters that are not mentioned in the Biblical biography of Jesus. The richness of these characters and the way in which he weaves the life and cultural images of Biblical Holy Land shows a wealth of research into the people and the country.

Dr. Theckedath Mathew researched and wrote the novel. His biography is one which makes him uniquely qualified to write the book. His parents were orthodox Christians who lived in a Hindu environment. Dr. Mathew has earned a doctor’s degree in Eastern Philosophy, and holds several diplomas in Western medicine. He is a cardiologist, but his skills are applied to the emotional hearts of people as well as the physical hearts. He is a television commentator, historian, public speaker and teacher.

Parental aspirations for Dr. Mathew were directed at him becoming part of the Catholic priesthood. He attended Catholic schools, but had some difficulty following the regimens imposed there and was expelled from at least one. He was an anti-Communist protester and spent some time in jail for those activities. Eventually he returned to college and gained his degree in zoology.

The joy of scholarship and research led Dr. Matthew to his work in following up references to the life of Jesus. He tracked not only those from the New Testament scriptures, but ancient texts from Egypt, Greece, Rome and Babylon. His novel reflects the results of that research. Joshua leads the reader into the life and times of two millennia previous. The expression of this author’s beliefs is done in an intriguing and exciting manner.

The story of Joshua describes how experiences of the man formed his character and abilities. The tale includes experiences of healing, teaching and travel. The author presents detailed descriptions about the lands through which his character passes. These are historically accurate and provide an inkling of the tremendous amount of background material that was incorporated into his tale.

The protagonist in the tale was the first prophet who stood up for women’s rights. One example provided in the Scriptures described his face-off with men prepared to stone a prostitute. Women generally were subject to stoning, immolation, genital mutilation and honor killing. Most Christians are familiar with tales of raising the dead, uplifting the poor and widowed women and he promotes the honor of labor, meekness and kindness to others.

Joshua the Odyssey is an unusual volume, but one that will not only hold your interest, but will entertain. At the same time, it will challenge your thinking on topics that you may previously have accepted the current philosophy as accurate. The book is available online from various outlets, including Kindle and in paperback editions.

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