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A Study On The Poems Of Encouragement

By Rhea Solomon
A study on the poems of encouragement was done to find out if there was any need for one to be encouraged and pushed around to do things as others think and belief they should be done. This question was a question which was discussed from various parts of the world since people had different viewing point. The person who did go to the people for research found out that from a tender age children always have their likes with them.

When one gets to be informed on the poems of encouragement, they are expected to be very far in improvements on their life. This education is meant to help people be focused every day. It is meant to give the person more energy to do what they did yesterday in a better way. This is all about ones interest and circumstances.

It was taken into consideration of a student; this is a person who is supposed to put more focus in their studies in whichever field they may be in. It was found that when most students are about to do their exams they get to focus so much on their books that they almost forget what they are supposed to do in other areas of life. On the contrary when the school opens no one seem to be interested in books at all.

The above paragraph shows that there different ways of giving morale to any type of person. Some methods need one to have a specialist in the field while others can be done by the people themselves. With the student various methods are used. There is the assessment they get immediately they are from holidays. This test is meant to make the student to do some studies even when at home.

One can sometimes do all they can to refocus themselves. If it is a student they should always right down their semesters goals. These goals are not written down and kept somewhere that they are not read every now and then. They are made to be in a position that one can be looking at them most of the times. This makes the student evaluate themselves in several ways keeping them in track of what they really want to be.

The parent was asked to study the behavior of their child so as to understand them. What was observed is that the child enjoyed playing football so much that they spent most of their time concerned on how to make good lifestyles out of football. Apart from playing they got inspired by the best players in the world who were brought in sport news.

From the above explanation the parent understood that the kid was more interested in football more than studies. The parent was thus able to talk to their child in a more understanding way where the child was also happy. The child was advised to balance both at the moment before they could specialize later.

The parent of the student is expected to explain why their child failed. They are expected to answer the wrongs of the child. It is not a good picture to the parent. This shows why sometimes poems of encouragement are important.

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