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A Short Introduction To Oriental Zodiac Symbolism

By Takamitsu Hairi
Zodiac symbols have a incredible place in the Japanese history. Even today, they haven’t lost their significance. As per the historical facts, Chinese method of measuring time in twelve blocks is the basis of these symbols.

Time and direction are separated into twelve blocks and each blocks are named with certain animal names. Japanese tradition believes that the zone where one person is born has influence on his personality attributes and that his character will be connected with the animal of that particular zone.

Those who are born in the zone portrayed by a rat symbol are believed to have a good-looking-charming and cool personality. They will be ambitious, steadfast and hard working also.

Ox is considered to represent the ability to succeed in life and those who got ox as their zodiac symbol are capable to work as a stimulant for others also. They are blessed to be eagle-eyed, fluent and stoical according to the Japanese dogma.

Do you belong to the tiger zone? Then you are absolutely matching with tiger not only in your valour and wilfulness but also in your immediate reaction. You are able to console your dearer ones with a loving heart and you tend to think deeply on matters. But it seems that you are a little selfish also.

The Rabbit is considered to be extremely fortunate. Smooth talking is the over riding personality feature of the people born in the year of the rabbit. They are also considered to be ambitious, talented, reserved and honest. They are also regarded as reliable and are admired by others.

You are noteworthy among the people if you are born in the year of dragon. Japanese dogma says that you are healthy, energetic, headstrong and brave. Also you are believed to be rapidly responding to the circumstances.

Snake stands for intelligence, profound thinking and moderated speaking. People born in the snake zone considered to be determined and money-wise.

Financial success in life is predicted for the people who were born in a horse zone. Although they are talkative and having sharp wisdom, they tend to be impatient and short-tempered.

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