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A Short History Of Sightings Of Jesus

By Alyce Powell
In some religions, it’s easier for adherents to believe because they can actually see the object or person that they’re worshiping. It becomes more difficult when the god cannot be seen and devotees often create objects that are a visual manifestation of that god, such as the statues of Hindu deities. Some Christians have visions of the Virgin Mary or of Christ. While there is serious doubt about how real, for example, sightings of Jesus are, these visions do have the power to strengthen people’s faith.

Among the earliest sightings of Christ took place soon after the crucifixion. For example, a few days after He was buried, His tomb was found to be empty. He appeared to followers like Mary Magdalene and some of the disciples, including Thomas who at first would not believe that this was indeed Jesus resurrected. The idea of a resurrection became one of the most important premises of the religion.

The early Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. One of the most notorious of these persecutors was a man named Saul of Tarsus. As Saul traveled to Damascus, he had a vision of Christ and converted to the faith. Today he is known as the Apostle Paul, one of the most important early Christian missionaries.

There are theologians who believe that even long before He became human, Christ had been appearing to people. Some, for example, think that the angel that wrestled with Jacob was in fact Christ. Another possible example is that of the fourth person seen in the burning furnace that was supposed to kill the Prophet Daniel’s three friends in Babylon.

Like the Apostle Paul, several people who became Christian missionaries after having visions of Christ were sainted by the Catholic Church. The Church also owns one of the most fascinating objects to bear the image of what many believe is their Saviour. The Shroud of Turin draws thousands of pilgrims each year because the markings on it look like he imprint of a man who had been crucified, leading to the belief that the cloth was the burial shroud of Christ.

In modern times, many people claimed to have spotted Christ in everyday objects. These range from food such as pancakes or tortillas to clothes irons. Christ-like images have even appeared in X-rays and ultrasound photographs.

Advances in technology have even made video recording of Christ sightings possible. People simply have the video camera on their cellphone ready at the moment that Christ seems to appear. You can find these videos online and decide whether you think that these people really saw Jesus.

There is much debate about whether all the sightings of Jesus in fact show authentic images. Many of those supposed visions in objects like grilled cheese sandwiches require quite a bit of imagination for anyone to see something other than a dark blotch. It can become a fun activity to try and see what the mark resembles, almost like looking at the clouds and trying to spot whales, cows or bunnies in the sky. What is certain though is that for some people, those visions have helped to renew and strengthen their beliefs.

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