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A Priestly Vestments in Eucharist

By Mattie Brown
Many types of vestments are used by the priest during the Eucharistic activity. Each of them serves a purpose. It doesn’t matter on its size, whether it is big or small, pricey or not. One might not appreciate that much if he does not know about it; however, if one has a large expertise on priestly vestments, it would make someone feel the solemnity of the mass.

Priestly vestments consist of a number of items such as: alb, stole, cassock, manipule, and humeral veil. They are just the same with archbishop vestments; however, there are garments for bishops that could not be used by the priests.

Stoles are narrow strips of cloth that are put over the cassock. It is most likely to reveal the belongingness of the individual to an organization, as well as, showing that person’s rank in the group. However, unlike before, when these stoles are worn by many of individuals or even laypersons, stole today is only used based upon the occupation of certain classes of individuals. It follows a liturgical color code for each church activity.

Priestly vestments also include alb which is a white garment being worn by priests and clergies. It is ankle-length clothes which is generally secured by a cincture. It has been used by Romans and even in Medieval European secular clergies. The alb is stated to be one of the oldest liturgical vestments. It is normally seen worn at the Mass by ministers, clerics, and laypersons. It may be under the stole, dalmatic, or chasuble. It may also be found over the cassock which is an ankle-length garment with thirty plus buttons. The alb could be worn with apparels in Anglican churches. The alb is just an undergarment of vestments in high Anglican parishes. For broad churches of Anglicans, the alb is considered an everyday wardrobe.

Manipule and humeral veils are part of vestments. Humeral veil is a long rectangular fabric that is being worn by subdeacon while holding a paten. It is also used to cover the priest’s hands during the carrying of the monstrance. Maniple is a liturgical handkerchief used only during the mass. It started to become common on 1970 during post conciliar liturgical reform.

Cassock must not miss the vestments. It is the one of the fundamental vestments the priests would wear. A cassock is a robe worn by different clerics or priests of various churches such as the Anglican, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and various other Oriental Orthodox; the officers of Churches of Reform and Presbyter. The traditional kind of cassock of Western Christian is close fitting. However, in Oriental Orthodox, it is quite loose. According to history, the cassock was based in Ancient Rome’s tunic which is worn under the toga, and Ancient Greece’s chiton which is worn under the himation. Since before until the 2nd half of twentieth century, it was just used by a couple of lots of people (aside from the religious services) in the Western areas, hence, it is a day-day clothing in many nations. However, after that period of time, it has been changed by a conventional match which is virtually black in color, and has clerical collar.

These are the standard garments of priestly vestments that everybody need to know, particularly those who count on Christianity.

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