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A Past Life Can Be A Good Thing

By Elena McDowell
Sometimes a past life can prove to be very complicated for many individuals who live within this world. Some human beings know this planet is very strange and anything is possible. Even though reincarnation has been around since the beginning of time but many people are still skeptical about this process.

No one really wants to come back as a dog or any other type of animal that walks on all four legs. They really do not want to have a cat’s existence either since these creatures are so finicky. Furthermore people do not wish to be a murderer if they returned to this planet.

Doctors who deal with the human mind have had countless conversations with individuals who claim to be reincarnations. The psychiatrists take this opportunity to place a person in a hypnotic state in order to get the answers that they desperately need. Sometimes people will have lived multiple lives throughout the ages and these personalities will come out. Many people from India believe in reincarnation.

Everyone assumes that they are very special and the entire world revolves around them. Humans feel that they are each very special and could never lead ordinary lives. When everyone gets over their “delusions of grandeur” they will see that their lives are really insignificant on the whole.

There was a boy living in America who insisted that he lived a very traumatic life in France. This boy stated that in a former time he had a very lovely wife and five kids who lived with him. They were all very happy until his best mate killed him in a very brutal way. The friend was never captured for this crime and therefore the man’s soul wandered from body to body for the rest of eternity. The boy’s parents did not want him spreading this tale around.

After some time had passed this youngster was still insisting that he was a murdered man living in another country. His parents were so tired of this story that they finally took him to see a psychiatrist. The doctor was very patient and understanding towards the youth and gave him immediate counseling. During one of their sessions this physician hypnotized the boy.

Great details were given about the boys former existence and the people that he was involved with. After this evidence was presented to his parents they decided to visit this special place in France. They would locate the dead man’s family and find out the truth about certain events. Eventually this would help the man’s soul find some type of rest.

This was one past life that did indeed happen for this particular young man. The family of the dead man was found and everything matched the boy’s description. Every event appeared to be true and the murder did actually happen many years ago. The police were unable to arrest anyone for the murder since there was only circumstantial evidence.

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