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A Life Of Faith And Worship

By Angel Dudley
Faith and worship are connected and recognized as ways of communicating with God. They have their origin in the Old Testament. These two aspects are demanded from human beings for various reasons. They present a Christian with spiritual food to walk through the journey of life in fulfillment. It is through these forms of communication with God that He gives crucial messages and answers prayers.

The basis of sacrifice as a form of worshiping God is found in the Old Testament. This is in line with the belief that God is almighty and His dictates must be followed. In traditional communities, priests led faithful because they held a privileged position. Each sacrifice had its purpose depending on what the community or individuals wanted from God.

Burnt sacrifices demanded that the entire offering be consumed in fire. Smoke from the fire rose to the heavens as a sign that God had accepted the prayers of the people. God demanded that people sacrifice the best of their produce for Him to see the pure intentions in their hearts. Other additions to the table of sacrifice included cereals, tithes, drinks and fruits.

The nature of sacrifice demanded by God or made by the people was an indication of their relationship. Offering quality produce showed that one held God in high regard. This was the source of the tradition that one must offer the best of the first harvest. One recognizes through the sacrifice that everything has its source in God. This offering was meant for God and that is why the whole of it was burnt without even priests having a share.

Sacrifices were also made to seek remission from sin by communities or individuals. The approach was different in this case because the priests were at liberty to have a share what was offered at the altar. As representatives of God, they would burn part of it and share the rest as personal gain. The main aim of such offering was to cleanse the person of sin or the community in order to avert a calamity.

Offerings made for peace carried with them a number of components. They were offered in thanks giving, as a fulfillment to a vow or as private devotion. There was no obligation as to what a person could offer in this case. The guiding principle was that the lamb being offered should be without blemish. Because of the type of offering, people were welcome to share.

In modern society, worship has taken different forms though the basis or philosophy is still the same. Sacrifices come in the form of cash, commodities or donations. Worshipers are required to regularly offer prayers or fast to gain absolution of sin or for thanks giving. These are indications that one believes in a God who is able to fulfill his promises to his people.

Faith and worship are exemplified in living exemplary lives in obedience to what God commands. They are enriched by acts of charity as well as being generous to other people. Such acts compare to the smoke that rises up during sacrifice. The cost of sacrifice or fasting is considered as surrender to the Almighty God.

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