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A Guide To Convert To Judaism Way Of Life

By Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn
There are simple steps to be followed in order to convert to Judaism. The intention is to make sure that the choice is personal and informed by understanding of the Jewish faith and way of life. It is not an easy and straightforward process. There are beliefs, traditions and norms to learn. This takes time as the rabbi scrutinizes you to be sure that you are ready for conversion.

You should begin the process by conducting a thorough research to have a deeper understanding of Jewish life. There are books and people who can furnish you with this information. It is a process that gives you a clear image of what you wish to get into. You are expected to transmit this knowledge to your children. The resulting transformation is for a lifetime.

You will be taught the thirteen pillars and 613 commandments. They are the basis of this religion. You are required to discuss your decision with family members. This is to make them understand your move, intentions and desires. It makes them comfortable with your conversion.

It is tough for anyone to covert because of marriage. It is a requirement to have the conviction before converting. It is common to hear that Im a rabbi who is not ready to admit anyone for convenience sake. Your spouse will help you choose a denomination to follow. Personal decision and conviction are important when converting.

Those who wish to convert to Judaism must display sincerity and genuine intentions. The feelings must be spiritual and not the convenience of marriage. You also will identify the branch you wish to join. There are Orthodox, Conservatives, and Reform Jews. Their level of devotion varies and their concentration is in different parts of the world.

You will inform a Rabbi once you have made the final decision. He will try to convince you otherwise to measure your conviction. It is expected that you will resist such a move since you are determined. This opens the door for you to complete the process of conversion. It takes time to go through these stages unlike other religions.

Those who wish to convert to Judaism have to attend classes for almost a year. Some organizations offer night classes. You will be watched to ensure that you adhere to the Jewish way of life. The subjects covered in class revolve around culture, tradition and beliefs of the Jews. Instructions are mostly offered in Hebrew.

There is a court of three authorities to judge your understanding of Halacha at the end of your classes. This is done through a test that is mandatory for all intending to be converted. This is followed by the emersion ceremony where your entire body will be dipped in Mikveh. All males must shed blood through circumcision for their conversion to be full.

It is not automatic for children to convert to Judaism because their parents have converted. Some orders are very strict and do not even permit children conceived before start of classes to be converted. These children are required to attend their classes at the age of thirteen. Those born later are automatically admitted.

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