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A Great Time To Wonder When Will The Rapture Happen

By Jacqueline McFadden
Individuals who have a soul would like to find out when will the rapture happen. It is always great when someone can just take a walk around their neighborhood to see all of the changes that are going on. People living in places like California and New York City will notice that the world is deeply involved in sinful behavior.

Young adults have no idea of what morality really means in today’s world. They do not care for anyone or anything that is important. You cannot make any of them read a Bible and they have given up all hope about God and his wonderful powers. Drugs have played a major part in their behavior since the hippie movement in the 1970’s. Every school yard has a bully on it and gang violence is also leading to the coming of Christ.

There is a certain music on the market called “rap”. This music consists of many dirty words that may destroy any young persons mind. It seems to be very popular in the American culture and men of the cross think that rap can open up the door to Hell within two years or less.

Hollywood is another great doorway to the Devil since it seems to be so involved in sex. For many years religious people have stated that the film industry would help destroy mankind. It seems that this is really happening if someone were to take a look at all the new movies that are on the market. Actors who are now very wealthy even take their clothes off in any movie that is offered to them. It is really sad after they are well over fifty and still enjoy parading around naked for the world to see.

People working in the porn industry already know that they are on a fast plane to Hell. This is one business that individuals should stay away from since it has already destroyed many lives. Women who go into this business usually end up prostituting on the side and using heavy drugs. AIDS is no stranger to this business and every Sunday the pastors at church warn about this savage job.

Every church going person sees this as a sign from God himself. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of these same reasons. Today’s society is so out of control with sex that it is no surprise that this event can take place in less than two years.

Teachers are no longer looked upon as positive role models and children really have no respect for them. Society does not care for the education of children anymore and this is a very bad sign from the Heavens above. The American government has taken away all of the rights that teachers once had and they do not care if this produces a world of dummies.

The crazy weather that is going on may make many individuals wonder when will the rapture happen. During the summer people may experience a variety of floods and tornadoes. These events are likely to destroy everything in their path and may bring the world to a dramatic end.

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