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A Disaster Relief Ministry Is A Great Rescue Point

By Helene Norris
Many people live under the umbrella of uncertainty since they are scared that natural or human initiated disasters may affect their lives negatively. Disasters are highly unpredictable and their sudden occurrence often erupt with great damage especially when preventive measures are not put into place. The disaster relief ministry is an organ in charge with ensuring that preventive measures are put in place in order to respond adequately to these calamities.

There are various calamities that this organization is trained to deal with. First, there are natural calamities, which are often caused by forces of nature. Some of these natural disasters include floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and earthquake. Although this body may not prevent the occurrence of these disasters, it can manage to rescue lives that would otherwise perish in the midst of such disasters.

The body also assumes the responsibility of managing environmental carnage. Such calamities often occur as result of industrial or technological damage or misconduct by human beings. It is important to note that the hot spots of these calamities is always in areas where materials are manufactured, transported produced. Example of these calamities may include extreme forest fires caused by careless activities by human beings.

Sudden onset of pandemic emergencies, which include eruption of a contagious disease within a particular region is also among the calamities which the ministry can handle. The eruptions of such diseases often cause severe effect to the unfortunate. It is therefore advisable that the body should be alerted as soon as any shred of these contagious diseases is spotted in order to mitigate the effect.

Mitigating measures help a great deal in handling natural catastrophes and handling human initiated disasters. These measures should be implemented at an individual level in order to prevent any careless damage that may affect human lives or properties. Mitigation may not fully solve the disasters but it only alleviates the effect of damage thus reducing the risk of affected individuals.

The ministry also help with recovery after managing a disaster. This is a very important step because it helps place people back in the initial state they enjoyed before the occurance of a particular danger. A recovery program may involve reconstruction and purchase of new property to the people who suffered a particular damage.

The body has a restoration program that helps people affected by natural and human initiated faults. Restoration involves variety of activities which aims at achieving the initial state of the people before the occurrence of the catastrophe. While this step is that much important, it could be a difficult plan especially during the times of financial constrains.

The Disaster relief ministry has a huge task towards ensuring and assuring the people of their safety irrespective of their living standards. This task of disaster prevention and management is, however, a process that requires collaborative measures with the people that are affected. All disasters are imminent and unpredictable hence no one can stop them when they occur and it is therefore ideal to set good measures and standards in order to alleviate them.

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