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A Closer Look At The 18 Missing Years Of Jesus Christ

By Ladonna Chambers
When it comes to the gap in the life of Christ, it refers to the lost or missing years involving his childhood and the early part of his ministry. With the rise in the number of books and documentaries that have become available, the 18 missing years of Jesus Christ has sparked considerable interest in the details that could have developed during this stage. There are a number of questions that have remained unanswered relying on research and theory for clarity.

The New Testament includes a record of all the teachings of Christ while the gap that is undocumented does not reveal what Jesus did from the age of 12 believed to be preaching as a young boy into his late twenties within the temples. A number of researchers and historians have delved into the possibilities that may have occurred during this time. From documentaries to books, there are a number of mysteries that are yet to be resolved.

There are a numerous theorists that claim he had traveled far and wide having ended up in destinations such as Great Britain, India, and Tibet. A large number of people have argued against this theory stating that he had remained in Nazareth where a modest lifestyle and a focus on carpentry were focused on. Theologists are moving forward by completing a significant amount of research into the validity of these claims and to finally put the missing pieces together.

Ancient texts are being tracked and uncovered by many scholars in order to make sense of the period that is not documented in the biblical scripts. A great number of people are interested in discovering the way in which Jesus spent his younger years and the reasons that it was not recorded. The modern theorist focuses on the fact that Christ had very little to do with the statements regarding travels to Britain and India.

For those who are interested in following the life of Christ, a large gap is recognized of 18 years with regards to his early life in comparison to the details of adulthood in the New Testament. A biblical scripture focuses on the development of wisdom and stature around the age of 12. Christians emphasize his life in Galilee, but modern theologists disagree as this cannot be confirmed.

In the Jewish religion, 12 years is a representation of secular maturity that is celebrated with a Bar Midzfah. Around the age of 30 years, men would be prepared for priesthood, but the focus for Christians is on the scriptures and carpentry. Many agree that he would have spent the majority of his time developing his trade.

The historical records reveal that men would be required to work towards rebuilding Sepphoris. A large number of people believe that Jesus would have been working as a carpenter at this stage. Theologists are focusing on gathering the information that may account for this time.

The 18 missing years of Jesus Christ focuses on the gap of his early childhood and adulthood that are not accounted for. Theologists are underway in terms of putting the missing pieces together. Many books and documentaries are available delving deeper into the unexplained period.

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