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A Christian Perspective On Growing Boys into Men

By Saleem Rana
When he spoke with Lon Woodbury on Parent Choices For Struggling Teens on LA Talk, Mark Vander Ley provided a Christian standpoint on growing boys into men. Starting with adumbrating all the issues boys face in today’s culture, he described how Christianity provides a moral structure for raising boys into fine young men by teaching them the value of self-discipline and the power of relationships.

About Mark Vander Ley

Mark Vander Ley, a Clinical Supervisor at Chaddock School in Qunicy, Illinois, has authored 2 ebooks that are now offered on Amazon. One is”Stuff Dads Say” while the other is “Parenting Peace.”

Does a Christian Perspective on Growing Boys Into Men Address The Crisis In American Manhood?

A serious dilemma of manhood is happening in the United States. Social studies have shown that boys and girls raised without biological dads, some 24 million in number, are more likely to have challenges leading to emotional difficulties and behavioral problems. The interview concentrated on the particular challenges faced by Christian fathers when raising boys to become successful men.

Ley spoke about Jesus as a role model for manhood because he typified the noble attributes of what it means to be a man: physical strength and endurance, wisdom, gentleness, firmness, self-control, and leadership. By contrast, the confusing cultural image of a man in the US today was someone who was aggressive and egocentric.

Turning boys into men had little to do with succeeding despite the cost to everyone around them and much more to do with growing in wisdom and maturity. Woodbury pointed out that some historical men–like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela–were indeed excellent instances of the sort of manliness Ley was describing. They were sturdy, yet self-disciplined.

Ley mentioned that one issue with raising Christian men in today’s world, was that we now appear to reside in a post-Christian culture. Previously, Christian morality was an essential part of the culture of the United States, yet today those who still abide by Christian values now seem to be at odds against society. They are fighting against extreme materialism, over-sexuality in media images, and overly permissive parenting. While it was natural for teen boys to be contrary, either by openly rebelling or even accepting another religion, it was very important for parents attempting to raise kids in a Christian home to not over-react. Instead, they had to be willing to discuss the influences in a child’s life.

Many other concerns were also covered throughout the interview about a Christian standpoint on raising boys into successful men, including exactly what it truly meant to spare the rod and spoil the child, and what parents ought to do to teach Christian virtue and impart self-control. Ley also spoke about how Christian parents can best manage negative habits based upon bad life choices.

About the Author:

Lon Woodbury, the founder of Struggling Teens has recorded the entire interview on L.A. Talk Radio show for people to enjoy at any time.