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A Brief Guide To Transpersonal Coaching

By Allyson Burke
In order to understand what transpersonal coaching is you need to know the basic definition. Transpersonal means to go beyond the person. It is about looking at a range of issues rather than simply the individual and their personal circumstances. With the right coach it is possible to change lives not just in the short term but also change their outlook in the long term as well.

The term transpersonal refers to looking beyond the person. While it is true that the personality of an individual can influence how they react to a situation and the problems that arise from that reaction this is not the sole influence on their behavior. A coach that uses transpersonal methods will recognize this and react accordingly.

All of these aspects influence the behavior of an individual. A transpersonal coach looks at their client and considers what is known as the voice of their soul. As every person is unique equally the coaching that client receives has to be individual as well, recognizing that one person can have a different reaction to the same set of problems as somebody else.

On the basic level it can work in the way a motivational speaker or coach can usually work. Goals can be set and objectives can be reached. It is possible to change your perception in order to become better organised and to gain more satisfaction from your life.

A coach will look at how you can break this vicious cycle. They will look at why you react in a certain way and the consequences it has. They can then give you other ways of coping with stress that will reduce the likelihood of more negative reactions. They can also help you focus on your objectives in a more positive way.

In the short term a treat or a drink at the end of the day is alright and often the mental process of having something to mark the end of the day before you go home can make it easier to switch off and relax. The problem is when it starts to become a compulsion and then becomes an addiction. A coach needs to guide their client away from these coping mechanisms and look at the deeper issues behind their unhappiness and how to overcome mental obstacles.

It is also about dealing with the most difficult problems in life. People who have had major upheaval in their lives can often struggle to adapt to their new circumstances. Finding someone who is sympathetic and yet also able to give firm direction can give people the chance to cope and adapt to their new circumstances, ensuring a happier long term outcome for their personal and professional lives.

There are various people that offer transpersonal coaching services. It is worth asking them about their circumstances. Often the coach will have experience that can be beneficial, showing how they have overcome problems and how they pass on that knowledge to other clients. Look online to find coaches in your local area to see how they can help you.

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