What Exactly Do Baptist Churches Teach?

By Louise Baker
Baptists believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus after which God will sit in judgment and also divide humanity between the saved as well as the lost. Additionally, they believe that Christ will sit in the judgment where followers will be honored for the things they have completed while they were still alive. That’s why in the majority of of their sermons, baptists place a robust emphasis on the thought of salvation. Their doctrine of justification by faith states that it’s by faith alone that an individual receives salvation and not through any works of their very own.

The theology of the baptist church teaches that humans have been contaminated by the sin of Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God and because of this sin, every person is condemned to damnation. Also, their theology holds that Christ died on the cross to give humans the promise of everlasting life. However, this requires that each individual accept Christ into his life and ask for forgiveness.

The baptists refer to the Authority of the Scriptures also called the sola scriptura where it states that the Bible is the only authoritative source of God’s truth. For them, any view that cannot be directly tied to a scriptural reference is generally considered to be based on human traditions rather than God’s leading. During each sermon, they encourage everyone to be responsible before God for his or her own understanding of the Bible and are encouraged to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling.

One more common position kept by baptist is the Biblical inerrancy along with literal interpretations of the Bible and the basic theologies. Nevertheless, because of the variety permitted under congregational governance, lots of baptist churches are neither literalist nor fundamentalist, despite the fact that many of them do trust biblical inerrancy. The Bible could be authoritative that’s the reason baptist mention some other works as illustrative of the doctrine. The allegory Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan is one work that’s most often read by baptist.

The standing of the baptists in the priesthood of believers is a single column which upholds their beliefs in the religious freedom. Priesthood of believers eliminates the hierarchical layers of priests, the traditions and its authority that allows all Christians to have equal entry to God’s revelation of truth with the research of the Bible. Such position isn’t just for the baptist churches, it’s been shared by all post-reformational Christian groups.

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In a baptist church, a sermon is an important activity as it is where the words of God are shared. Baptist sermons are worth listening and can make a positive change to your life.

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