What Do Baptist Camps Give?

By Mike Thompson
An independent baptist camp is a location where you can meet the spiritual and also physical needs of men, women, boys and girls from across the state. It’s a place where little ones, teenagers and adults meet to listen to sermons, have a great time, play games and become inspired as they grow in the grace of the Lord as well as develop long term friendships.

The mission of a baptist camp is to offer a place found in the beauty of God’s nature where by individuals of every age group can assemble to find out and focus on God’s truths, build God’s kingdom, and also have Christian fun. It offers an environment for nurturing individual Christian commitments as well as creating Christian leaders. Its objective is to be an arm of the local church, with the camp setting to evangelize as well as edify to the glory of God.

Most of the baptist camps have challenges that stand without the apology for the old-time Gospel, for the strong preaching of the Bible, for high standards of living, and for personal separation. Such goals may not be very popular but are biblical. Young people respond to God’s word in a camp setting that is away from TV, contemporary music, and other pressures. There are a lot of activities that fill the day which would include swimming, canoeing, organized recreation, then along with Bible memory, quizzing, teaching and preaching by nationally known evangelists who zero in on the spiritual needs of young people today.

Each and every baptist camp session is normally led by a dean who is a volunteer from a supporting church which has been chosen by the managers. He overseas the session program and has the obligation of getting mature Christian volunteers to work alongside the campers. The volunteers are typically the pastors and their wives, and they are in the middle of the camp, from the kitchen, to the bank, to the energizing of team competition and entertaining skit activity. Interaction between all age levels is a hallmark, no one is put aside. All of the camp volunteers help along with the donations from churches and folks to keep the camper fees at a below-cost price.

To join up in any of the camp’s sessions or activities, you must complete their registration form along with health forms. You can get these forms by simply downloading from the website, from one’s church, or to contact the camp and send it through fax or mail. A non-refundable registration deposit should also be enclosed which is deducted from the fee. One is not registered before the camp has gotten the deposit.

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A baptist camp is an excellent way for you and for your children to strengthen your relationship with God. Spend summer with God by joining an independent baptist camp.

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