What Bhagavad Gita Conveys?

By Gopal Krishnan
The Gita is considered the essence of the Hindu religion by many learned men. The message from higher spirit that is contained in it deserves recognition as it conveys the way through which life can be led in the correct manner.

Having many examples, the Gita is deep yet easy enough for the common man to comprehend. The principles of life described in Gita display to us how we can attain ‘Moksh’ by the means of following our righteous duties unswervingly.

The Gita is a part of the classical story of Mahabharata that is indeed the best location for this priceless scripture.

People believe that Shri Krishna, a Hindu Deity had divulged this wisdom regarding the obligatory responsibilities of all humans for the benefit of Arjun, his dedicated follower. Arjuna and his brothers’ kingdom was taken over by their immoral cousins with the use of unjust means, and Krishna imparted the divine discourse of Gita to give him the courage to stand up and fight against his own cousins.

The knowledge contained in the Gita is timeless and is relevant to every aspect of life and details the karma doctrine of becoming one with the Almighty. It directs all human beings to staunchly follow their moral responsibilities with their entire spirit and being.

Also he must dissociate himself from the results or fruits of his efforts. This alone will help him succeed in maintaining a composed state of mind when confronted with adversity and keep him unchanged in times of overabundance. That unwavering dedication towards his commitments will even help in his quest for enlightenment.

The Gita has practically sound guidance regarding the method of living that ensure that the person feels contentment and peace. By following the teachings of this divine holy scripture, he or she can come out of both calamity and celebration unchanged and undisturbed. Just as it lifted Arjuna out of his despair of having to fight his own relatives, the Gita is a lifeline to millions around the world, lifting them out of the worldly mire of anguish, jealousy, anger and sorrow.

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