Usher Gloves

By Rabbi Jo Dunea
“Why is he wearing gloves, is the money dirty?” If my otherwise angelic child had spoke quietly, in a low tone of voice no one would have cared. The fact it was more of an announcement was the problem. Kids will do that, at the absolute worst moment. So such was our introduction, to church fashion, specifically church white usher glove fashion.

White Glove On The Other Foot

Since I have the sense of humor I do (and lack of couth apparently), I was already crafting a piece about church money laundering. Then I had questions: Is he wearing them to cover hideous warts? Is he contagious? Was this a black-tie affair? It would be a hard case to make that my polo shirt and my son’s jeans and are really formal wear.

It turns out to be none of the above. My inquisitive offspring and I discover that in some churches ushers are required to wear gloves. It also quickly becomes clear that most many wear church usher badges. Most traditions spring from a first occasion, and I wonder if this went back to when sterling silver is what offering plates were made from, or all usher were model T auto mechanics. It can’t go back too far I don’t remember reading about Matthew or Mark.

further research showed this to be related to the church age or denomination – if your church is 100 years old, ushers are probably wearing gloves. They issue them at an early age, so tiny usher children work special services and children’s church. I see no usher-ettes, this is a chick-free zone.

Are You Wearing Your Gloves?

Most traditions are rooted in a certain sense of pride. Some of it is status for to church usher gloves so I’m sure some guy paid $50 for his at a department store, even though plain white cotton would do. White gloved ushers are recognized and respected at the door, like teachers and organists, and if it’s to God’s glory, good on you! Power to the gloves. Serve with honor and reverence. Teach young people to respect God’s House. A kid’s, worst fear must be suddenly seeing a white gloved hand on your shoulder when you’re acting up on the back row.

About the Author:

If you are a white gloved church, you can re-supply online any time, but for a limited time you can save 30-50% off at a few quality Christian bookstores. Buy the best, use them up, then get some more. Wear your gloves with the right kind of pride, and add a little style and class to church, Lord knows many could use it. Be Blessed. Godspeed!

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