Totally Portable Communion

By Pastor Callee Christiana Worthe
To be honest, the first time someone told me about travel communion sets, I didn’t understand why anyone would ever use them. Maybe it’s a certain demographic, maybe it’s just that many people out there are like me, and just don’t know what these things are, or how they can serve the Body of Christ. Most of us need a little nudge to step out of our world of what’s already working and try something new. Given how fast these are growing in popularity I thought there must be something to it. So we looked at a ton, and bought a few styles and sizes of the travel communion sets and assigned teams to figure out how or even if. Here is what they reported.

Who Needs a Portable Communion Set

Group one: some Priests, deacons, elders, and laypeople regularly visit the hospitalized and the elderly. In those environments, the portable communion set allows them to be open to the Spirit’s leading, or easily provide something that in some cultures is considered a necessity to a believer. That’s nothing like us, we partner with a local mission who does it, and we might recommend they try it. For us – Inconclusive.

Group two: Remote missionaries can use portable communion. We found sets with a convenient carry pouch, slip-covers for the plates and trays, and sufficient product to serve 25-50 people. A few teens on a summer mission’s trip armed with travel communion sets minister to a whole tribe, and then pack everything up and within a few minutes be ready for more ministry. Using them to bring the sacrament to the Sunta River jungle, ok. We have youth outreach every year. The youth group was so excited about something as simple as a travel communion set, they were ready to spend the entire church budget on jungle communion kits. Excitement from the right group – we’re in, but the kids have to raise the money.

Group three: We have several executives who travel for work. One has started to attend his house church from his hotel room via Skype. He thought it was genius. He can enjoy communion just as if he were in the room. He can take a little kit thing that holds sealed wafer & juice sets like those little coffee creamers at Chik Fil A. He peels back one layer and removes the wafer, then peels back a second cover and there is a pre-measured little serving of juice. These things cost $3.50 but he can be right there when his house church takes communion. Love it.

Is Portable Communion the Future?

Point one, great for some groups, just not us. Point two; Right group, right reaction, great idea; in the right hands for the right purpose they’re perfect, that is us. Point three, I wish I’d invented these things.

About the Author:

Portable Communion Sets will in my estimation continue to be very popular for all the above reasons; they’re available all over the place. Check out your favorite online Christian store, right now I’ve seen them up to 30% off. Get some of these, they’ll change the way you do ministry. That’s my opinion, and I’m usually right. Be blessed. Cheers!

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