The Power Of Your Mind

By Les Hazleton
Do you think change is easy? Ask anyone who has tried to break a bad habit, or change a wrong mindset and attitude, and you will discover change doesn’t always feel good. It involves renewing your mind and replacing wrong mindsets with God’s way of thinking and doing things. It also involves defending your mind against wrong thoughts. The daily battle confronting you, when you decide to change, takes place in your mind. The enemy may lead you to believe you can’t change or that it is too difficult; however, be steadfast in maintaining a mindset that is focused on God and His Word. This will be the key to your success.christian clothing

How do you defend your mind? You do it by capturing wrong thoughts when they come. Whenever you begin thinking in a way that doesn’t line up with the Word, cast those wrong thoughts down by speaking God’s Word. Guarding your mind takes discipline and diligence. Satan’s objective is to get you to receive the negative thought, speak it and act on it. Once you act on something he has suggested, you activate a negative cycle in your life. This is where your resolve must kick in.learn bass

Only through consistently studying and meditating on God’s Word, and fellowshipping with Him through prayer, will you be able to sharpen your ability to hear from Him. Communication is a vital part of your relationships with others, and it is just as important in your relationship with God. In fact, joint communication is critical. God doesn’t just want you to do all the talking; He wants to tell you some things, and give you specific instructions day by day and moment by moment.

What is the deep-seated and lingering disorder in your life? Is it a healing issue? Is it a habit from which you need deliverance? No matter what area of your life is affected by trouble, you must ask yourself today, “Do I really want to get rid of this? Do I really want to be set free from this problem that has haunted me for so long?” Just picture yourself at that pool. What would you say if Jesus asked you, “Do you really want to become well?” In John 5:7, the man replied that there was no one to put him into the pool when the water was troubled. Jesus told the man to get up, pick up his bed and walk. This man instantly became well and his strength was recovered when he took initiative and stepped out on his desire to change his situation.

Wrong thoughts don’t have to rule your life. Guard your mind by being careful about what you look at, listen to and talk about with others. God has given you authority over every aspect of your life, including your own mind! Fight bad thoughts with God’s Word. Every day you will have the opportunity to go back to old ways of thinking. From your interactions with others, to personal decisions, you will have to choose God’s thoughts over your own. You can do it! You’re not alone on your road to change; the Spirit of God and His Word are there to help you. Decide today to turn away from anything that doesn’t line up with His Word.

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