The Original Culture- Great need of Reproduction Body organ

By Stephen Mason
A historical culture, you may already know even from the stories in Corinth we realize that they had 1000 female and male Profs Due to incorrect the court alone at fornication and homosexuality in and the like were very prevalent in ancient cultures fertility was off of the charts. V:15

Most critical to them sexual promiscuity was far worse compared to even today when you can suppose and so this is really important that she find this reproductive organ of her husband which represent the energy and strength fertility passing of the gene and royalty to another generation so because she couldn’t get the manhood over her deceased husband she chose to produce a commemorative killer. The problem with the sabbath issue is that we focus so much on what the Pharisees did, which it has switched almost all Christians out from the sabbath day..

Any agent that would stand being a remembrance of his power as a concrete or even a stone with the least which probably squeak know from sources is how they believed the ancient sun gods spirit lift as we see from a source in your screen there that they thought that the Egyptian obelisk was worshiped as well as the dwelling place of sunlight God.

They started to put these, are police all over the world as she starts to this in commemoration of her deceased husband so that everyone would know that his presence was at that city and start to determine them pop up all over the place throughout the ancient world we could see in the Bible in Hebrew word for killer or idle it’s, I needed come mind literally means son of title or sun pillar using Isaiah 27 nine issues in this way by this therefore shall the iniquity of Jacob.

Be purged and also this is the fruit to consider away his sin when he markets every one of the stones of the altar as chalk stones which are beaten in sunder the grows and the images shall not fully stand up that word images there is certainly, which think about it is talking about and try to the pictures or even the pillars which they placed inside the ropes. Here’s another word in Hebrew Boston Bob Moss advised it indicates pillar or monument were idle it is the directed our police is what they’re discussing Exodus 3413 but he shall destroy their altars break their images and reduce their groves!

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