The Advantages Of Sending Your Children To A Private School

By Craig Thomas
During a child’s educational career, parents may struggle with the decision to put their child into a public school or a private school. The decision to enroll your child in private school is a serious one, and parents must take into account the intellectual, social, emotional, mental and financial factors that influence this decision.

Some private schools are religious, while others are secular. Some private schools serve only one gender, and some are co-educational. Additionally, some private schools serve students of only one age, while some serve students from pre-school all the way through high school. A few private universities also offer middle and high-school programs associated with their colleges. Boarding schools offer children the opportunity to live on campus, whereas day school students return home after school is over.

Private schools offer a number of wonderful benefits when compared to public schools. Private schools have smaller classes, their teaching staff is usually more education and experienced, and a more stringent curricula is part of their educational program. Students have better opportunities for personal growth and, in private high schools, more occasions and opportunities for college preparation. This means that a private school education gives better academic opportunities to their students when compared to the public school system. There are often exceptional facilities in private schools for athletics, academics, and many extracurricular activities are available.

For Christian families, a Christian private school is often chosen for the child’s private school. In addition to the high quality academics and personalized attention students receive, Christian private schools offer religious education and religious services. They also offer an education by Christian teachers and staff who support Christian values at the home and in the school.

Private school is a difficult choice for families to make. There are different schools for different religious affiliations and educational needs. Not all children choose private schools associated with their religious denomination; sometimes the best religious school is outside of one’s chosen denomination. Oftentimes, these schools reinforce religious values and will work hard not to contradict the religious views of the child’s parents. Financial and/or state aid may also be available. Do not hesitate to consider options other than public school for your child.

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