Suffering Exists: How Some Suffer Less Than Others

By Jeremy Schultz
Suffering is element of the human situation. We can’t prevent it. Have you noticed that some people suffer more even with the same or less dramatic issues than other individuals? Those that suffer much less have produced a shift in perspective away from victimhood to seeing a larger image. They practice expanding their awareness to involve realizing themselves, their actual wants, and understanding to meet them. Let me share a part of my early journey to illustrate this shift in consciousness essential to shrink the amount of suffering you expertise. Included are some insights I learned recently at a retreat.

Searching back, I was an avid seeker of Truth when I was young. I didn’t define myself as such, I was just curious about quite a few things – the mysteries of life, human behavior, and solutions to issues. My organic curiosity sparked my interest in understanding what made humans tick, how to have superior relationships, and how to communicate nicely. I wanted to move past the discomfort I saw in my parent’s personalities and connection.

Their discomfort motivated me to appear beyond the boundaries of my family-of-origin to seek information and facts that would make my life unique. When I had young children, I looked for facts to understand them as individuals, to understand how to work with their personalities, and how they interacted with mine.

In the course of my early childhood, I was nauseated substantially of the time, which I grew to recognize to be partly the outcome of being incredibly sensitive. I could feel my mother’s anger and frustration at her personal life and connection with my dad. I suffered if she suffered, as I had no emotional boundaries – establishing healthy boundaries is one particular of my quite a few lessons to comprehend in this school of life.

In my youth, I pondered my life and knew that I wanted to be happier than what I observed from my parents. I was trained to be a victim – of other people and life. Part of my journey was to discover how to release being a victim of my personal suffering which was based on numerous faulty beliefs and behavioral

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