Selecting The Right Hebrew Prayer Shawl

By Shirley H. Lindgren
For Jews who wish to agree with the requirements of God, it is important to have a quality Hebrew prayer shawl to wear during daily prayers. Jewish believers are sure that their prayers allow them to draw closer to God and receive his blessing, so it is important that they use their tallit, or prayer shawl, during these prayers. Your Jewish home will also be ready for important blessings and religious practices if you have Shabbat candle holders where you can light candles each week before Shabbat. But if you reside in a place where there is a small Jewish community, you may have a hard time finding important religious items unless you buy them from quality online stores.

A Hebrew prayer shawl is used over the head to respect God and his commandments during prayer. A prayer shawl, referred to as a tallit, is usually made from wool although you can find some modern designs that employ other fabrics as well. Lots of Jewish boys receive their shawl as a gift during their Bar Mitzvah celebration, but these shawls can make lovely gifts for Hanukah and other special events throughout the year. There are several modern designs for the tallit that ensure that anyone can find a beautiful and reverential shawl that will allow them to honorably perform their daily prayers and blessings.

The lighting of the Shabbat candles is an important ritual in Jewish homes where the family wishes to observe Rabbinic law and receive a divine blessing. Shabbat candle holders make this event special and add a unique and religious decorative touch to your home. Brass, wood, silver, and a number of other materials have been used to make these unique candle holders that prepare your family for the weekly lighting; some also feature the Star of David in their design.

God’s blessing is ensured for a Jewish home that is adorned with a mezuzah containing holy scripture over the doorway. Many folks are using a glass mezuzah decorated with Hebrew letters in their homes as opposed to wooden or metal mezuzahs.

Whether you are looking for a Hebrew prayer shawl to gift to someone special or Shabbat candle holders for your home, you can find them online. Regardless of where you may reside, Internet based stores can help you get the important cultural and religious items you need.

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