Read the Ten Commandments List and What They Really Mean

By Jason Nolan
The Ten Commandments list is a series of important religious rules set forth by God. They are vital to those who are Christians as well as Jews. These commandments direct to love and respect one God and to not work on the Sabbath day. They also outlaw the worshipping of idols, adultery, speaking against god, killing and stealing. There’s a few variations of the Ten Commandments list because of the many different translations by all of the different people who have read them.

As learned in the book of Exodus, the Commandments were written by God on two tables of stone and placed on Mount Sinai, which is where Moses discovered them. The Ten Commandments List is mentions twice in the Hebrew Bible (Deuteronomy and Exodus).

Unfortunately, many people who claim to know the Ten Commandments actually do not. It is very important that all Christians and Jews know, understand and follow them. If you don’t know them all, or need to refresh your memory, we have written down the list of the Ten Commandments as set forth in the New Living Translation.

These are the Commandments: ONE: “Don’t worship other gods.” TWO: “Don’t make idols.” THREE: “Don’t use the name of God in vain.” FOUR: “Keep the Sabbath day holy.” FIVE: “Honor your mom and dad.” SIX: “Don’t kill.” SEVEN: “Don’t cheat on your spouse.” EIGHT: “Don’t steal.” NINE: “Don’t bear false witness against your neighbor.” TEN: “Don’t covet your neighbors house/wife.”

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