People Who Wear Badges

By Rabbi Jo Dunea
The man is an official. Since we are visiting a church, he’s probably an official church official. Actually he’s even more important, he’s a Church Badger. He is official – no ID, no gun, just attitude. Church Badger: noun; someone who believes they are more important than others, and wears an identifying pin to prove it. eg: “The Head Church Badger is holier than you.”

Show Your Badge

Now don’t misunderstand, the actual little badges themselves aren’t bad. Detectives and FBI agents have badges, AND suits because they are real actual officials of the law. They don’t even have to wear the it, just flip it open for ID. Other than the law, there’s a badger hierarchy: sewn-on, push or drive what most of us don’t want to, uniforms and matching hats get a plastic one, a cut-out name version with gold edges and cutout letters (no hat) means you work at a hotel, pin on style with paper name insert is a suit conference, shield-shaped metal badge with only a number – really and truly is important. Did you know judges and Senators get badges? (Don’t ask.)

Church people however, do not need badges. Ushers, greeters, deacons, even pastors who wear badges should get hats. Wanna know what does possibly make sense?

speaking section makes sense. Staff ID I can see; help a visitor find the nursery, or the nearest restroom. Nursery workers – definitely – if I’m in charge of your infant, that is important. Oh, and you can put badges on coffee shop workers (if your churches has one). We need to know where they are at all times. But the churches who feel pressured by those who want to feel important, that’s over the edge.

If you’re important you get a magnetic Greeter badge, the Deacon magnet is a step up. Until Newbies graduate and learn the secret handshake their suits have holes from pin backs, and must cower behind a real Magnetic Badger. Churches, let’s get real: Peter, James, John – no badge. Paul? Jesus? Nope, and they outrank any deacon. If these people need recognition, give ’em a Bible with their name engraved, they can use it, and it doesn’t tarnish.

Wear A Badge If You Greet or Ush or Deac

They seem unnecessary. If get a handshake as you enter, someone greeted you, so they must be a greeter – no badge needed. If you’re a deacon why do I need to know? And if you’re an usher, you are easily identifiable when the offering plate passes to you when you ush. I’m not truly opposed, just amused. In some churches it is undeniably status, little more.

About the Author:

Police show their badge for ID. Churches should carefully think this one through because it can easily get out of hand. For churches who really feel some folks need to be identified, you can buy every badge imaginable at most Christian bookstores online. Alas, as with most profoundly unnecessary church oddities, no one asked me, but hope the information is helpful. Be Blessed. Godspeed!

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