Our Church Secretaries Are Not Secretaries

By Honorary Rabbi Jo
A church is a dangerous place . People yell, and and act somewhat less than Christian , and throw things. Not always, only if you say ‘secretary’ when we all know there is no longer any such thing. It seems the secretaries have evolved into something else. Say the “S-word” and they wait just a little , giving you the opportunity to step back a ways and plead forgiveness. If you should miss that nanosecond and Jesus excuse Himself from the room for a few moments. They are now ‘Admins’ which means Administrative Assistant, which is short for, “I’m far more in charge than you think.”

This Is The Secretary Helen

As a pastor for over 30 years you mark certain certain life-changing moments . For example, saying , “Cool” but what you should have said was , “Epic.” or when there’s a new staff opening. When the church had 50 members you knew the secretary’s name – wife. The new secretary was Helen, who saw this as a ministry. She handled everything. Those Usher pin badges came from her; Sunday School teachers got their colored felt from her. She was your secretary for 20 years, but as her age increased so did the church size and scope. Ultimately we needed another staffer. You would soon find out another of those ministry changing moments, once again hanging on just one word.

We Need A Someone

The new person really was the right woman at the right time , and even though she spent the first week trying to locate the camouflaged Bible-shaped wall safe where Helen hid the Standard Annual Treasurer’s Record Book she has worked out fabulously. However, this one wanted a job description. She was a new breed – female – not woman , and she was only my secretary once. I made that error introducing her to a pastor friend, “This is my new secretary Kelley.” She politely but pronouncing, even perhaps over-pronouncing each letter said, “Yes, I am the Admin .” We never discussed it afterward; we never had to, Kelley is not a secretary, she is an Admin.

A lot has grown in over 30 something years of ministry. I’m sure this is only the beginning. I told my wife recently, at 60 I am going to start a mid-life crisis. By then I will have earned one just from keeping up with the newest slang, no wait – nomenclature, no wait – verbiage.

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