Knowing How The Baptist Church Came About

By Lou Fresco
The fifth largest Christian church in the world is the baptist church. Almost every country has these churches and has about 40 million members worldwide. Baptist came from the baptist practice of immersion in water. This was devised during the 17th century by the opponents to the new movement but rejected the by followers themselves. It was not until the 19th century when the Baptists have accepted such label to describe themselves.

The origins of the baptist movement go as far back to the Sixteenth century and through the post-reformation period, in which the first baptist congregation made an appearance in Holland in 1690. There were 3 primary beliefs during that time that continued to shape the later Baptists. The very first thing they believe in is that the Bible instead of the church tradition or religious creed, was the guide in all matters of faith and practice. Additionally they think that the church ought to be comprised of followers only, not all the individuals born in the local parish. Finally, they think that believers ought to govern the church and never by hierarchical figures such as the bishops.

Through the 17th century, Baptists were being persecuted for their beliefs. These people were branded as nonconformist or dissenters and refused to become members of the Church of England. This is due to their baptist sermon preaches that Christ, and not the monarch, was the head of the church. There was clearly a tremendous growth in the population of the baptist movement throughout the Nineteenth century. This was due to the fantastic preachers in their church who drew crowds in their thousands.

The Baptists are congregational where every church is self-governing as well as self-supporting. It’s comprised of members, all of them have a part to perform. They motivate those attending baptist sermons to become members of their church via baptism. Being a member allows them to vote at the church meeting where all decisions are made. The final authority of their church doesn’t rest with its ministers or deacons, however with the church members in their meeting. They additionally appoint ministers, elders, deacons yet others who’ve to take the leadership role, agree their financial policy and find out their mission strategy.

Despite their independence, the local baptist churches have always come together in regional, national and international associations. This is because they believe that a church should not live in isolation, it must be interdependent. The approach for their organization is through bottom up rather than the top down.

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