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By Robyn House
Chakra balancing is a very important step in meditation that all humans should know how to do. All humans have what is called an aura. Inside that aura there are different bands of chakras. Different ones correlate to various parts on the body that they are in. Chakra Balancing

The word chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. They are named that because it refers to how the chakras spin with energy produced from inside the body. Human beings have seven main chakras located within them. All of them have specific functions, meanings, and colors. They correlate to specific areas that they are located on that part of the body.

The first one starts at your feet. It most often is referred to as the grounding area that keeps a person stable and in place. In actuality this one is an energy that emanates from the Earth. It is brown in color. It goes from the bottoms of your feet up to the perineum. The root goes from the perineum to the top of a persons groin. This one is red and is associated with the reproductive system.

The sacral area is where the pubic bone starts and goes to an area at the navel. It has a pale orange color. The next is the solar plexus and it has a pale yellow tint. Going from the navel up to sternum it is associated with the stomach. The heart and one of the most important since the lungs and heart are there. This one is a medium green tint and is between the sternum and clavicle.

The throat system is at bottom of the neck and goes to an area at your nose. This one is an ice blue tint. The pineal gland keeps your hemispheres of your brain balanced. It has a royal blue color and is from the nose to the top part of your head.

Everyone of the chakras are important and unique. Chakra balancing with proper meditation can really help you improve your health and energy. Start at the lowest point and go upwards to your head. They should be spun in a clockwise motion and in the same direction.

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