How Christian Banners And Flags In Worship

By Mitzi Fitzgerald
Since the onset of time and man’s acceptance of religion, Christian banners and flags have been used. Actually, they have been used since the beginning of time and even had their place in pagan worship. People have always wanted to show the world how much their beliefs mean to them by using outward signs of their inward connection to religious creed.

Religious services could easily be performed without the presence of these decorative items. They play no actual part in any aspect of the service. Still, people of the congregation look to them as a sign of their innermost beliefs. It is supposed, that they could be considered an extension of the rituals that the people take part in. They are hung and then changed to offer different insight into the present religious event.

If you were to look up the words flag and banner in any dictionary, both words would be used to describe the other. Many see them as totally synonymous. To a point that is true. Still, the flag is thought of as an implement that is hoisted to the top of a flagpole such as state and country flags. In this instance, flags are smaller in size and normally hang within the walls of a place of worship. The banner is hung on a wall with the use of grommets and has a rectangular shape, where some flags can be triangular.

Specific measurements must accompany your order. The exact same item will be available in many different sizes and you must be sure the size you order will fit in the space allotted for it. If you are looking for individual handheld pieces, these are available as well.

Hanging a banner or placing a flag within the walls of a house of worship is a worldwide practice. They can serve as a visual guidance to the congregation and an extension of the beliefs that are held there. Upon viewing one or the other, the mind is instantly reminded of that in which it believes.

Countries where religious practices are freely observed, the people sometimes begin to take that liberty for granted. The display of a banner will remind one that it is a liberty not to be taken lightly. We tend to forget that there are areas of the world where people are not quite as fortunate.

From the hundreds of flags and banners there are to choose from, it is possible to have your own design displayed on one or the other. It is not uncommon for a church member with artistic talent to design a devotional phrase or symbol that become beloved by all. It will cost more than the ones that are already made up, but these items last for years and years and can be used many times over.

When religious holidays such as Easter or Christmas is on the horizon, places of worship are adorned with Christian banners and flags. Congregations are awestruck with the beauty they can portray. Christmas recalls the events surrounding the birth of the Christ child, while Easter reminds people of the sacrifice made and the rising into heaven of the man names Jesus.

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