House Church Bible Study

By Pastor Callee Christiana Worthe
Churches aren’t churches anymore. Church in the 70’s, or 80’s, 90’s – none of them compare to the way churches operate in the 2K’s. The Church is changing right along with the world population. There are churches that attract a weekly attendance that rivals any NFL team. With a church that size, there is no way you and that megachurch pastor will spend time one-to-one very often if ever, and let’s be honest, if the church is balanced their goal isn’t to connect anyone to the preacher, it is for them to connect their individual hearts to God, and their individual lives to other individual lives.

The Kingdom of Heaven is people, not palaces. The best churches, no matter the size, understand this principle. So the question to any church is; how do you connect individual people together? Small Groups, House Churches, Home Study Groups, House to House, Discipleship Groups, give them any name you wish, but they have taken over much of the role the corporate churches once offered. No matter the name or size (typically less than 50 people), the principle is the same – the idea is to get fewer people in one place and get them more directly involved in each other’s worlds.

Home Study Church Kits

What could make this concept work for you? And if you are already doing it, what could make it better? There are innumerable lists of programs, studies, lessons, journals, videos and the like for your teaching needs. We’ll leave that one for another time, but in every size project there are some basic needs which have to be met. No matter what size church group you have, you will need a few basic church supplies items to make it function. The most typical and expected item all churches have are communion sets. While we mainly think of them for the larger church body, they are becoming more and more popular in many house church groups.

Now, you’ll find tons of different types of sets which I’ll explain to you in greater detail. Let’s start with the easy part; we all want to take part in communion as Jesus took communion with His disciples right before the Crucifixion. Also many denominations believe in and use anointing oil to pray for each other as the Scripture calls us to do. I’m trying not to go into teaching mode, because then we will never get done here under 10,000 words! We can do that one another time, this one is going to be strictly the peripheral details and functions of running an effective house church.

Church Needs 101

Is it ok for Home Churches to enjoy communion together? Yes. There is no Scriptural for or against, just go with yes. Here is the technical stuff: most commonly used communion sets include trays which hold all of the cups and a separate tray for the bread. These are very classy and have been used for years, and provide the easiest way to take communion. Another option for home groups which is becoming more and more popular is the wafer and juice communion cups. This one is particularly unique, due to the fact it has the wafer and wine (actually grape juice) together in one peel-top little cup. They resemble those little creamers you get with your coffee at a restaurant. The little wafer is right on top of the juice; you just peel back one seal to access the bread wafer, and then a second seal opens the pre-measured juice section. They are easy to use and extremely simple to store. Most offer a shelf life of 6 months.

Church Supplies for Healing

If you’ve finished your small group communion, and would like to try another element of a New Testament house church, you should consider praying for people, and anointing them with oil. Some groups get cautious here, because yet again, religion sometimes trumps Biblical reality. No one should teach you must use some special anointing oil, it has no healing powers of its own, it is a symbolic gesture of several things: first the Bible portrays the Holy Spirit as the oil of anointing, and second because it is a tangible reminder to the person for whom you are praying. Praying for one another and taking up each other’s burdens is one of our callings to be like Christ. Did you also know the Bible says to anoint yourselves with oil whenever you pray for healing? Not a bad idea to just keep your own little bottle handy.

It is important that you pray for one another in your home groups, and I highly advise keeping several containers of frankincense anointing oil, or one of many other scented oils on hand at all times. It is one of my favorite church supplies. Your church group will really feel much more unified when praying for one another as God commanded. When we act on God’s Word, we can expect miracles to take place in His name!

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