Getting To Know Worship Banners Better

By Patrice McCoy
Many different churches and faiths these days use worship banners as a part of their worship services. The use of such things and the symbolism behind them is significant to most Christian religions and is detailed in many different scriptures. God himself said, “‘In these days’, people will pick up banners and I myself will teach them how to use them”.

The fact is that they hold a great amount of meaning for many church goers and worshippers. Obviously, they by themselves hold no actual power, but the meaning and traditions behind them do. There are many different types, styles, and sizes, with some more appropriate for some settings and meetings over others.

The mention of the word ‘banner’ is in Exodus 17 with the line, “Moses built an altar to the Lord and called it ‘The Lord is my banner'”. The importance of these in scripture is also found throughout Jewish text and tradition in addition to Christian use. No matter the actual religion, the use of such things holds a great amount of meaning to the carrier during their times of worship and praise.

As a matter of fact, they were and are used in huge number of ways, just as there are a huge number of people who find them revered and holy when used in the proper setting. Different shapes, types, and colors symbolize different religious elements or ideas. The most commonly used colors for them are red, gold, silver, purple, blue, green, white, and orange.

Color plays a huge role in their meanings, and the three most used colors in the construction of such works are red, silver, and gold, with red representing the blood of Jesus, which was known to bring healing. Silver represents the Holy Spirit, known to bring peace. Finally, the color gold represents the glory of God, whose touch brings man to awareness and His presence.

Worship flags are usually more than just one color, depending on the specific setting and focus. It is common for them to have emblems of some type on them. Emblems, such as the Eagle, Sword, or Lion are often painted or appliqued onto the fabric and have a huge significance to the faithful.

Flags and banner works are used in all different houses of prayer as pieces of decoration and symbols of something bigger. In wartimes, they have been used to show one sides devotion to God and belief that his guidance will help them prevail as well as in times of need for help with healing and bringing peace to those who are suffering. Different ones have uses unique to their color, emblem, and shape, as such, there are a huge number of these to choose from.

Worship banners are revered and popular throughout any nations on all kinds of church setting and worship services. They are praised in both scripture and song and hold a special place in the hearts of many different people from all walks of life. The use of banners, overall, is a way for believers to glorify and raise up God and this is why they play an important part in the modern religious world.

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