Fabric Church Banners Are The Ideal Material

By Goldie Booker
Fabric church banners are a wonderful material to print text and images. Biblical messages should always be straight to the point and direct. It’s good to choose just one or two sentences that put across the message.

Once someone has crossed the barrier and actually attends a service, it is usually easier to reach them for Christ. Many people have misconceptions about Christians and may have had previous bad experiences. Helping someone make the first step and actually attend a service is usually the hardest part.

When designing a banner, it is important to choose the main emphasis and message for it. Images should match the message and make people stop to take notice. A few key words should be used for each banner.

Choosing one message from the Bible will be a better influence than trying to cram in too much information. A banner needs to be clear and straight to the point. God’s message is clear, He loves everyone of us and wants us to invite Him into our hearts.

When a Sermon lesson has had a special effect on people, it is good to use key points on a banner. The banner can be placed outside the building to attract new people. Each banner has the potential to win believers and equip God’s kingdom with more souls.

Pictures that have minimal text will speak more words than a complex message. Some people have not got the ability or time to spend reading long messages. Children often cannot read and lose the key intention of the banner.

fabric church banners are excellent for introducing new members to the congregation. A banner is a good evangelistic tool that reaches out to the community. God carries on the work by sparking people’s interest as they walk past the building.

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