Do You Know How Baptists Do Church Worship?

By Kim Hubbard
Ever since 1609, the worship types of baptists have altered noticeably. The baptist services while in the the earlier days were really long. There are times that the sermons would use up more hours, and there was no music or singing. The order of their worship is to commence with a prayer. Next, they read several chapters in the Bible and make a sense of what is read. After that has been completed, the speaker will explain what’s on the Scripture.

In 1670, there were baptist churches that sing both the Psalms and man-made songs. This became quite controversial which resulted to the splitting of many churches over the singing controversy. One pastor in London led his church to sing a hymn after the Lord’s Supper. After a few years, they become accustomed to singing praises and started to sing during regular worship services.

Today, the worship of baptist churches range from highly emotional and expressive to formal and rigid and none of them are essentially right or wrong. These are just the preferred style of worship for the particular church or congregation, like the independent fundamental baptist. Some of them would try to find a balance and worship in an orderly fashion. They want to be relaxed and become flexible enough to praise God with enthusiasm. Their goal in worship is to offer praise to God, express their love and gratitude to Him for His mercy and grace, and to inspire, inform and prepare the membership for the journey through life. For them, worshipping connects them to God, encourages and brings peace and purpose to life. They also believe that every Christian needs to worship.

The music program of the baptist churches Lexington is a combination of traditional hymns and praise and worship music. Their choral arrangements would include favorites from the fields of both southern Gospel and contemporary Christian music. Their sermons are biblically based and also the speaker or pastor typically preaches through the books of the Bible verse by verse. This is accomplished in order that all the members can better comprehend the Word of God. These sermons will introduce the member to Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior and lead them to a closer walk with Him.

Although styles of worship of the various Baptist churches may well not be suited to every person, these are genuine and so are Biblically based. They always welcome those individuals who would like to join them in worshiping God, the father.

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Baptist churches are going online nowadays to spread the word of God all over the world. Independent fundamental baptist churches go online to increase the presence of the church.

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