Are Christian Banners And Flags Important

By Patrice McCoy
Christian banners and flags stand for symbolic tools used by Christians in their worship service, and act as visual tools that help them know where to focus. They declare war time, holiness, power, love and grace of God. When the flag waves, it opens the heaven gates allowing the Holy Spirit to flow freely to the people giving healing, encouragement and deliverance.

These symbols of Christians are important to the body of Christ. This implies that they make statement in churches, for instance, statement of praise, worship and warfare. They also make a statement that reflects their work towards God. Generally, they are seen as visual form of worship that makes powerful statements to those that do not believe in God. They are flown as symbols, principles of identity and as meeting points of believers.

Similarly, they are silent onlookers in the church since they pass influential messages to people who look at them. They serve as source of encouragement and give sense of direction to people using them. They define spiritual war by declaring victory and identifying the winner. In addition, they communicate externally the inner praise of the heart to the Lord.

All through history, they have been used to symbolize beliefs and purpose of Christians who use them. Christians have used them since the start of time when man came to accept religion in their life. Pagan also used them in their worship to show the importance of their beliefs by external sign of their internal relationship with religious devotion.

People think that banner and flag are synonymous, especially when dictionary use each word to explain the other. However, they are very different from each other. Banners are rectangular shaped and are hung on walls using grommets. On contrary, flags are usually small, triangular in shape and hung on a wall in churches. They both have silky texture and have spiritual messages on them.

When buying these tools of praise, the order made should be accompanied by specific measurements. Similar items are available in different sizes; therefore, one should order the exact size required to fit the space allocated in the church. Individual handheld pieces are also available in shops. Since churches that use them are all over the world, shops selling them are everywhere; thus easy to look for them when planning to buy.

These instruments are testimony to ministries that respect and honor the Christian law. The gadgets are not toys or just decorations in church, but are used to inspire Christians and enlighten them. Churches display them in church to help congregation be brought closer to God. Therefore, are visual aids to show respect to their God.

To add up, Christian banners and flags specify an event of a season in a church. Christmas and Easter are examples of events where these worship instruments are used. They add beauty in church, as well as, remind them about Jesus. Easter signifies Jesus death and resurrection to save people and Christmas signifies his birth. In a word, these tools of worship are of great importance to followers of Christ.

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