A Guide To Knowing What Kind Of Church Is Right For Me

By Petra Berg
Today, the religion of Christianity has spread out into so many branches. There are the Catholic, Born Again, Protestant, and Agnostic, to name a few. It is quite difficult for an average Christian to answer the question, ‘What kind of church is right for me?’. However, if a person were to join one, then it would have to fit his needs. Otherwise it may not be the right choice of community to join.

Joining a community is a big thing, especially if a person is living with his family. He must first remind his family members why it is important to choose to be in one in the first place. It would greatly enhance one’s spiritual life if he had a group of people share his beliefs with him. That will be a great way to feel closer to God.

Now the first step in looking for a church is to pray. Regardless of the branch of Christianity one may be in, he will definitely pray because it helps in making decisions. Prayer gives guidance and brings the children of God closer to His will.

A person should look inward and know the values he believes in. Doctrines differ for each variation of Christianity that is why it is important to match one’s beliefs with the doctrines of the branch he would want. He can also opt to gain knowledge of the belief system of other branches if he is still undecided on his faith. That is also a way to know which community is suitable.

The last step is matching the way of worship with one’s lifestyle. Some worshipers want a solid type of worship that entails a step-by-step service while others like to freely worship in any way they want.

In deciding which fellowship to be a part of, one must go through a process of reflection and research. Only then will he be able to answer that question is his head, ‘What kind of church is right for me?’. what kind of church is right for me

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