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 In Rush Hour 3D, you play the role of a driver on busy streets and roads and your task will be to follow the path according to the two main elements and the first element is high speed and rotation.

And the second element is not to collide with cars and other vehicles, if you think about these two factors correctly in the game

You can pass the steps in the best way and it can be said that the nature of Rush Hour 3D is kind of record-breaking because the speed of movement, timing and gaining more points than the rules of the game can lead to a decrease or increase in your final score.

 If you reach the end of the road without hitting other vehicles, you have passed that stage, but this does not mean that you have succeeded and success in this game is complete when you travel on this road without the slightest collision with other cars and in less time and of course,

This will require quick reactions and accurate timing. You have to overtake the others very quickly by turning between cars and at the same time beware of colliding with the cars ahead.

Features of Rush Hour 3D game


Drive fast and overtake.
Try not to hit other cars while driving.
Check out different car models to get different feelings.
Buckle up and get ready to drive!




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