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download game vector 2 for mobile


download game vector 2 for mobile

 Vector 2 is that the sequel to the present game Vector, which has been released in 2016. Inside the sport, the most character is dodging obstacles and structures again, due to him getting captured by the safety forces at the last level on the story mode of Technology Park. within the Introduction of Vector 2, the most character awakened, during a secret research center where it's presumably to check his skills and to become one among the safety forces. But the sport has just one location and features a different appearance on the background whenever he finished a

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level/stage. He's dodging obstacles and structures that are much more high-tech and is so because of the background of the sport. Vector 2 is filled with Technologies to dodge and escape, making the sport harder to play. the sport is more complex than the primary Vector also.

The location is about a dystopian world.
The tricks are equivalent on the primary game but have only a couple of new tricks.
New equipment, experimental high-tech gears will be useful to survive a touch longer.
New stunts.
Countless new obstacles that are called 'deadly traps.'
Big Brother from the primary original game "Vector" isn't chasing you now.

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