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download game Perfect Slices for mobile


download game Perfect Slices for mobile


 The player will become a talented chef in a prestigious restaurant whose main task is to cut fruits before proceeding to cook them. The food will automatically travel on an endless conveyor belt until players constantly touch the screen to cut all the fruits on the screen. Pay attention to the types of foods displayed at the top of the screen, because when they have the required number of items, you have completed your task perfectly.

Moreover, in each game screen, some obstacles will appear that are placed by alternating foods to increase the difficulty of the game. When your knife accidentally touches it, you will lose control of the knife for a short time, and if the obstacle is an iron bar or table, the knife will break until you have to start the game again.

In general, the same way you play the fruit cutting game, Perfect Slices has completely different gameplay from the previously popular Fruit Ninja game. Instead of aligning your fingers on the screen, in this new game, you will have to press hard to cut fruits on the moving conveyor belt to get enough ingredients to complete the dishes.




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